A New Worship Leaders' Coordinator

A New Worship Leaders' Coordinator

The Worship Standing Leadership Group is happy to announce that Ruth Anne Taylor will be the new Worship Leaders Coordinator! This is the person who drafts the Lector, Liturgist and Acolytes to help provide leadership in each Sunday’s worship service.

We are blessed indeed to have Ruth Anne help in this ongoing work. As she becomes familiar with this task, Alice Reyes, who is currently coordinating this ministry, will work with her. We also want to recognize and thank Ibidun Awoyale who, in the past, has also served in this capacity.

If you would like to serve as a Lector (who reads the Bible passages) or a Liturgist (who with the Pastor leads worship) or if your child would like to be an Acolyte (who lights and puts out the candles), please speak to Ruth Anne so she can schedule you. You can read more about these opportunities here. Everyone is welcome to participate in these ministries of our church!


The Worship Team