A Newcomer's Experience With Service

A Newcomer's Experience With Service

The homeless are among the most oppressed, marginalized people in our society. Jesus certainly commands us to minister to them. That is why I got involved in the Old First Wellspring ministry.

First, I came on a Saturday morning around 8:45 AM to observe and help out in any way I could. I realized there was a lot to do when it comes to serving 80 guests a hot breakfast, not to mention the Cupboard ministry of clothing and toiletries. But, there were many willing hands and even some of the guests pitched into help, especially with the cleanup and break down of the tables and chairs. As I talked with the other volunteers, they were filled with joy. There was nothing they would rather be doing than this. As I talked with our homeless guests, they seemed to have no complaints, just effusive gratitude for all we were doing for them. Imagine being homeless and choosing not to complain! That really made me take notice.

I also realized how much more we had in common than I had thought. We all have families, interests, and most have a faith story as well. There is not much difference between me and these folks, except our economic circumstances. How would I cope with being homeless? Would I be as cheerful and grateful as these men and women?

Then I volunteered for a breakfast team responsible for providing the breakfast. It was just FUN. It also gave me an opportunity to connect with some of my Old First family that I knew and meet others. There was a genuine feeling of delight in serving the Lord together. Now I have to be careful not to brag to friends about my new hobby. That would seem like false pride and vain glory. I try to just say that I have another commitment.

The homeless deserve the same respect and dignity we would give Jesus. They need our encouragement and concern, our support and prayers. They also need clothing, toiletries, and food that is delicious and nutritious for them. So won’t you help out? Contact Kayla by phone or email or at church. She is the mastermind behind this ministry and she will be glad to help you get involved at whatever level you are comfortable.


An Anonymous Newcomer to Old First and it’s Wellspring Ministries