A Note about Our Services and Liturgy for Advent

A Note about Our Services and Liturgy for Advent

As I shared already, I am using a liturgical resource entitled “Out of the Blue” this Advent. 

And following its model, we will be using some of the same words in worship for each of the four Sundays in Advent. While our low church tradition most often delivers “fresh words” each week, many of the higher church traditions give people the same words to worship with repeatedly. In some traditions, worshipers use the exact same liturgy every week! 

Using constant Gathering Words and a single Affirmation of Faith for this time, we have the possibility of finding new and deeper words than we might if we are just trying to read and keep up as we go “one and done.” I invite you to “study” the words you will see in worship this Advent, asking yourself what God might be trying to say to you. 

I also invite you to pay attention to the words for the Candle-lighting of the Advent Wreath, the Scriptures and hymns which will be dynamic and changing each week. 

There is more richness than we often realize when the people of God gather to worship that which is greater than them. I think this church year, I’m going to encourage you all to a deeper appreciation and participation in our worship. 

– Michael