A Stump the Pastor “Sermon,” Sunday, June 10 @ 10 am

A Stump the Pastor “Sermon,” Sunday, June 10 @ 10 am

It will be the first Sunday of our summer, early services, June 10 at 10 am.

The choir will be in recess. Holly will be taking a vacation Sunday, and Beth M. will be here playing the organ. And Michael won’t wear his robe (as is the summer custom at Old First).

To make “a little something” of the lighter, more relaxed services of summer, he will again substitute a “Stump the Pastor” question and answer time in place of the traditional sermon. He tried it a year ago the Sunday after Easter, and it worked well. He believes that Old First tried it a second time, after he left on sabbatical, with Bob Robinson as preacher. So, we’ve got some practice at it.

The ground rules: any question you honestly have that somehow relates to our faith, religion or the church. Of course, as Michael often says, “We’re so UCC, you are going to do what you want any…” But if someone asks a question way out in left field, Michael will just answer it in some regard that relates to our life here at church! (Yes, two can play at this game…)

Sometimes these make for the most interesting homiletic conversations, if only because they begin with what the people in the pews really wonder about or want to know (instead of what the preacher thinks that the people’s questions are!). And that whole idea is not that foreign to our religious tradition anyway. First of all, the questions that come from people at Old First are good, deep, thoughtful, and hopefully Michael’s answers will reflect that. And second, as the Scripture for that day will show, this whole question and answer format started long before Phil Donahue; it has biblical antecedents.

Start thinking of your questions — either heartfelt or hard to answer — now…

And see you all on the 10th at 10!