A Taste of Palm Sunday at Old First!

A Taste of Palm Sunday at Old First!

We are having a great experience with Zoom-worship in our OldFirstGatheringSpace. People are coming together, albeit virtually. We see, visit, share, support one another. People lift prayers. And take turns leading worship (it takes more people to lead worship virtually than when we are gathered in the Sanctuary!). And we’re getting pretty creative with music, and finding ways to include it in our online worship. 

We thank God, we are finding we can still be a close, loving community — and close with God — even when pandemic precautions keep us scattered. (People are showing up more than an hour early for church and hang out longer than Fellowship Hour usually lasts when we are together in person?) 

Unfortunately, the recording of last Sunday’s worship service was lost, but here’s a taste, albeit without the sounds, voices and live-energy of the service. But snippets of the spoken parts have been sketched in so you can follow.

Please think about joining us for any of our Holy Week Services (schedule on our website), and especially Easter, Sunday at 11 am.

Blessed, holy days…

What’s Palm Sunday looks like at Old First online?