A Thank You from Tony Pavolini

A Thank You from Tony Pavolini

As I lay here in bed flat on my back. I search for the right words to properly thank y’all for the Angel’s gifts given. I think about all these God sent Angel’s and I don’t even know who y’all are! You Angel’s gave to help me return home to my mother’s memorial service. As I stare at the ceiling while searching my thoughts, I realize there are no words in the English language or any language for that matter to properly convey my thanks and gratitude for what y’all did.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, from the prayer list, when I moved at the end of December I herniated a disk in my lower back. The herniated disk pressed against nerves that caused and continues to cause excruciating pain in my lower back and right leg. Any sitting, walking or standing resulted in unbearable pain. For the entire month of January I laid flat on my back. I am heartbroken to report, do to my injury and the unbearable pain, I could not travel. Not being able to travel I did not make it to my mother’s memorial service. Missing her service devastated me and has shook me to my core.

Even though I could not attend the memorial service. In my absence a few close friends insured the service was a success. I saw pictures and was told the service was wonderful with singing, preaching and fellowship. My mother’s favorite songs were sung and favorite bible verses were read. Also, the airline was gracious enough to provide me with a voucher that I can use for future travel. I plan to use the voucher to return home in May for my mothers only grandsons (my nephew) high school graduation. At this time I plan to bury my mother’s ashes in a plot at her church. We will hold a small graveside ceremony with a few friends and family. Her preacher will help me with this service.

I am glad to report my back is slowly improving and I pray soon I will be pain free. The truth be told what’s important here is how y’all made me feel loved and a part of Old First. At the lowest point in my life, in a strange land, very poor and with a thick accent, y’alls love managed to lift me out of despair. Because of my homosexuality, for most of my life I was an outcast at church. The only love I knew came with conditions. I was tolerated but condemned regularly. I was always kept on the outside peaking in. I so wanted to be in and accepted for who I am. At Old First I am now accepted,I am now in, I am now loved without conditions and I AM HOME!

I am aware that many of you gave angel gifts for me to attend my mom’s memorial service. I could not make that trip and her service. If anyone would like their contribution to go instead to someone else’s need in our community, or like it back, I have spoken to Pastor Michael. Please just let him know and we will make that happen.