A Volunteer Story…. Some of our "Super Volunteers" Personal Perspectives…

The following is a personal perspective of a Old First volunteer who serves our guests in the men’s shelter. We want to thank all of our volunteers and welcome anyone who wishes to serve in our outreach ministries. Contact Kayla, our volunteer coordinator, at volunteer@oldfirstucc.org

    Welcome Home

The end of a day. Looking forward to getting home. Someplace familiar and warm. Something’s cooking and it smells good. Friendly faces with a kind greeting at the door.

These are some of the reasons we volunteer at the Old First Shelter. We can arrive early and be part of the welcoming home. The lights are on, the table is set and dinner’s ready.

It is one of our greatest pleasures to welcome the shelter guests in on the nights that we are at Old First. Whether we’re cooking and serving a meal from scratch, heating up leftovers or casseroles or something in between, the guests allow us to enter their home and share it for a while.

It is a blessing to spend time with these new (and old) friends – to hear their stories and share ours. There’s something extraordinary about being open and authentic with others who are going through different life experiences. We gain perspective, respect and appreciation within the context of a relationship that is meaningful.

Knowing that we are all created in God’s image — with His thumbprint on our hearts — we can look in each others’ faces and see God reflected back. One of the guests recently thanked us, intentionally or not, paraphrasing from the fourth Gospel (John 13.35) saying, “Your love for us proves that you are His disciples. Thank you for your kindness.”

God has blessed us with the time and energy to serve. He has given us the capacity to meet a need. And, the conviction to live out our life verse, James 1.22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

The truth is, we feel loved when we’re at Old First. And, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Jenn and Wayne R.