A Word of Thanks from Robyn

A Word of Thanks from Robyn

(Robyn’s brother, Murray, aged 50, had a massive stroke on Jan. 4 and died a few days later. Our church community took up an offering to help the family with funeral expenses, and in just over a day turn around time, collected about $1400.)

Dear Old First Family,

My brother’s family of four lovely young ladies (ages 19-32) is now planning his service. My brother will be cremated.

They are able to keep moving forward because of the Angels in our midst here at Old First. They probably, for the first time, can plan things without the stress of wondering how to pay for it.

My family is from a small town in Tennessee, and are very much like the families our congregation, POWER, and Obama supportives work so hard to keep afloat.

I have always felt loved at Old First, and am so proud of how justice issues are tackled.

Because of you, a young family of siblings dealing with the unexpected and new wished for have been empowered to plan a memorial service for their dad. Your generosity is a way we evangelize — sharing God’s movement at work in the world.

I can’t thank you enough and I remain proud to be an Old Firster.