Adult Christian Ed. Shifting to After Worship for the Fall…

Adult Christian Ed. Shifting to After Worship for the Fall…

A funny thing has happened. Sort of without intending, we have a full slate of after worship offerings this fall.

It all began with the End of Life Series. We needed more time than the Adult Forum offers at 10 am. And I’d been wanting to see if we might get new folks out if we tried something at another time. We chose to offer the series after worship on the first Sunday of each month. Of course, we can’t be sure — it could be that the topic is really important to people — but the attendance has been amazing.

Then the Sacred Conversation on Race Ministry Team leaders decided that they wanted to offer their fall programming after worship, in the same slot — 12:30 to 2 pm. They chose to use the 4th Sunday of every month.

Next, I was speaking with Barry about a course he has taught over the last couple of years, something that transformed his faith. He was interested and willing to share it with us at Old First. As we talked more, this program — a 1/2 hour video plus at least as much discussion afterwards, he thought, would fit more comfortably after worship, so people aren’t rushed. He believes that ideally the course should meet about every two weeks.

Finally, John O. has been organizing the Sunday Brunch after worship, and it’s become a really nice way for Old First folks — in a sort of catch as catch can grouping — to spend time together and get to know better by grabbing a bite to eat together after worship. I’d like to continue the tradition — continue to be able to invite the first-timers as well as familiar faces — of brunch after church on Sundays.

So, what’s this mean? I wrote the “Adult Forum” regulars. And we’ve talked about it. With some questions and misgivings (for example, what about people who prefer earlier scheduling or parents who are here for their children’s Sunday School or can we offer nursery care until 2 pm?), we’ve decided to go with the flow, not schedule any Adult Christian Education offering at the 10 am hour, and live with our post-worship offerings for the Fall, and then re-evaluate.

There will one exception: Bob Robinson has agreed to offer is wildly popular Advent Bible Study at 10 am on the Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11 and 18.

In early January, we’ll figure out away to occasion some evaluation and discussion.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with me or Julius, our CE SLG leader.

— Michael