Flooding at the Adult Forum, Sunday, March 27!

Flooding at the Adult Forum, Sunday, March 27!

Myths and stories of the destruction of humankind because of humankind’s evil actions are common in cultures all over the world. Even more specifically, often those stories involve destruction wrought by an extraordinary flood. This Sunday, March 27, Grant Frame and Bob Robinson will discuss the story of Noah so familiar to Christians and Jews, and how it relates to the flood story in the Gilgamesh Epic and other sources.

Grant is an Associate Professor and Associate Curator of the Babylonian Section of the Penn Museum; Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bob is Anna Burkhalter Professor, Old Testament and Hebrew at Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Both are members of Old First.

Join us in the Social Hall at 9:45 am for the Sunday School Gathering and at 10 am for the Adult Forum, as Bob and Grant help us think about our literary and cultural indebtedness and interrelatedness. But also about human evil and the chance for new beginnings.