Adult Forum Resumes, 09.21 @ 10 a.m. (If you haven't seen "the video"…)

Adult Forum Resumes, 09.21 @ 10 a.m. (If you haven't seen "the video"…)

This year we will offer a new approach to Adult Forum.  Last year you told us you wanted variety and something new….so this is what we will do to make Adult Forum new & improved:

Week 1:     New topic will be announced

Week 2:     We will be joined by a special speaker to discuss the monthly topic.

Week 3:     Creative or special project focusing on the topic.

Week 4:     Facilitated discussion and reflection of the topic at large.

The format every month will stay the same but each month a new topic will be addressed.  We are open to topics and are looking for people to assist with facilitating.  If you are interested please talk to Yajeh or call the church office.

Schedule for the upcoming months (tentative):


09.14                   Spirit Day

09. 21                  Capital Campaign kick-off.  Presentation of ‘the video.’

09.28                  Creative project-‘Pieces of the Puzzle.’

October-Philadelphia Schools

November-Judaism 101: What Do Jews Believe?

December-Advent with Bob



March-How We Serve?


May-Ramadan 101


Everyone is welcome—visitors and members!  Come every Sunday or whenever your schedule permits!  Invite your friends!