Adult Forum

Adult Forum

What is your name?

Lisa Merlo

Q2: What is your Ministry Area or Standing Leadership Group Name?

Adult Forum

Q3: What was the most significant accomplishment or insight gained in your ministry area in 2015?

How important it is to provide programs that continue to inform the congregation on a number of topics by not only including the talents of our parishioners but also guest speakers from outside the congregation.

Q4: Where is your group or ministry area stuck?  What is your group or ministry area pondering?

Up until the start of the 2015 Sunday School year, Adult Forum had been a direct report of the Christian Education group. However, in September 2015, it became more of a stand alone ministry with CE as a backup, if needed. There is more work to be done in getting the word out, perhaps utilizing the bulletin boards inside and out of the church or guest speakers’ sources or even other interesting creative ways to advertise programs coming up, etc in addition to the E-Pistle, church website and Facebook page in order to bring in greater attendance.

Q5: Please list the goals of your group or ministry for 2016 with complete descriptions.

To revisit the goals and/or subject matter put forth for review and discussion during the first few weeks this group met in Sept of 2015. Also, to add to that roster, topics that include discussion/bible studies, social issues, community, family, and other artistic subject matter, including film and documentaries that serve as a not only a form of entertainment but also another source to provide knowledge.

Q6: What other comments do you have for the Annual Report

It’s a new year – let’s make Adult Forum a gathering place people are excited to attend!