Affirmation of Faith-Why I Love Church

Affirmation of Faith-Why I Love Church

By Richard Kalwaic

I came here about seven years ago. The church looked very different then and yet I fell in love. My church upbringing was very different. My parents came from Poland in the middle ’30s and settled in Pottstown in western Montgomery county. Dad was an organist at the church. He had a teaching position at the local high school. Dad, as his dad before him, wanted me to continue the tradition of organists in the family. I rebelled, much to Dad’s regret and mine.

Music has always been important in our family life, particularly church music. My father had me in the choir really early. Church music is beautiful. The music in Old First is wonderful. The hymns are inspiring and a joy to sing. I come from a childhood church upbringing which was so different and so passive. 

What a joyful experience it is to hear so many of you singing as a congregation. It brings me to another level of existence. The sermons are thoughtful and provoking. They linger. My thoughts about them stay with me far into the day. 

And the space! It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to come. The most compelling thing that brings me to Old First is that the people who come here are filled with love, kindness, and compassion. I can see it in their prayers, in their desire for justice and in their outreach. When I come here I am fed. We need to support this wonderful community.