Air Conditioning Update

Air Conditioning Update

AIR-CONDITIONING UPDATE: If you were with us in the church building or online last Sunday, you know the a / c in the Sanctuary went south on us about ½ hour before worship began. All four compressors crashed. 

The a / c was fine in the Social Hall. So, we  quickly picked up and moved ourselves, the hymnals and the worship paraphernalia downstairs. Pulling the electric piano out of the closet and setting up a circle of chairs, and voila’! 

Informal, spontaneous summer worship always, as Jonathan V. said, not only surprises, but delights. We end up closer together – physically and spiritually. It turned out to be a nice Sunday, and one of our visitors, a recently retired UCC pastor, George Rizor, posted a very flattering review of his worship with us. 

But the a / c is repaired. The compressors went down as a safety measure because there wasn’t enough air and heat exchange at the cooling tower. Last year, the construction project behind Old First’s property built a scaffolding over the cooling tower in the SE corner of the property to protect it from falling debris during their construction on the new residential building.

The scaffolding was only about 3 feet over the top of the cooling tower, and Michael, worried that was not enough, asked. Both the team from the property behind us and Bradley-Siochetti, our own HVAC vendor, assured him it was sufficient. 

But with temps in the high 90s and the a / c on in both the Sanctuary and the Social Hall, 3 feet turned out not to be enough. The compressors turn off to save the HVAC from damage from overheating. It worked as it was supposed to. Or it didn’t work as it was supposed to. And we were left hot upstairs.  

Bradley-Siochetti has now decided there needs to be 11 feet clearance between the cooling tower and the scaffolding (8 more free than we had). The construction team from behind our property has removed the scaffolding as they are not currently working near it in their project. They have put a temporary safety net to still protect our equipment, and they will rebuild the scaffolding to the desired height before any of their construction gets near our cooling tower. 

The a / c should work fine this Sunday. Hope you will all come to church…