All Saints Offering, 11.5.2017

All Saints Sunday is the first Sunday in November. We celebrate long ago saints and those known to us as saints; people who inspired us by grit and determination to “keep on trying.” Many of those people are the pastors who lives shaped and influenced our own. Some of the PSEC pastors who retired years ago are now in need of special assistance. Because their retirement income is low, the churches of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference supplement the cost of their health benefits. We remember these saints as we receive the PSEC special All Saints offering. Your generosity will bring peace of mind and improved health to those who have served the church so faithfully in the past. The entirety of the offering is used to supplement the needs of 9 of the retired pastors, spouses, and widows in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference who need assistance with health and dental insurance. Be a saint to those who have been saints and support this vital ministry the first Sunday in November. When you make out your check for this offering, please mark in All Saints Collection in the memo line.