Alternative Gift 2020– Your Gifts to Hoffman Homes

Alternative Gift 2020– Your Gifts to Hoffman Homes

I am very excited for this year’s mission to fund gifts for the teenagers at Emmanuel Residence at Hoffman Homes. As many of you know, my daughter is currently at Hoffman receiving treatment. Through her stories and speaking with the staff, I have learned that many residents do not receive items in the mail or have family support. Many of the teenagers will remain in the program until they age out of foster care if a permanent resource family isn’t secured for them. 

Hoffman Homes has been providing safe harbor for over 100 years. The Hoffman family donated land to the UCC to create an orphanage. Over the years this expanded to a center for youth involved in the criminal justice system and most recently has become solely a psychiatric treatment center. The program offers a variety of creative therapies- animal-assisted therapy, art therapy, equine-therapy, and music therapy. These are in addition to traditional individual talk therapy and specialized groups to address grief, anger management, peer conflict, and communication. The average stay at Hoffman Homes is 8 months with an 85% success rate of youth not being readmitted to psychiatric care after discharge.

Your Alternative Gift recipient will receive a card making note that a donation has been made in their name. It will also specify that the gift covered a specific item or cost for the residents (will depend on the amount donated). If you want me to send you blank cards to send to your recipient, just let me know! There are several ways you can participate in this year’s gift:

  1. Donate on Breeze. Be sure to select Alternative Gift in the drop down and in Comments leave the name and address of your recipient. 
  2. Send a check to Old First, made out to Old First. In the memo write Alternative Gift. Please include a note with the name and address of your recipient. 
  3. You can purchase items directly from Amazon that will be shipped to me and delivered to Emmanuel Residence on Nov 27th to allow staff time to sort and package items. Amazon link: 


You can watch a video created by Hoffman CEO by following the vimeo link below. The first two minutes are relevant to their mission and accomplishments. 


-Billi C.