Alternative Gift 2021- Adopt a South African Preschool

Alternative Gift 2021- Adopt a South African Preschool

Adopt a South African Preschool

This year our Alternative Gift program will benefit a program supported by one of our sister congregations. Adopt a South African Preschool (ASAP) is making progress supporting creche’s in South Africa. The creche’s are community preschools being led by local women who volunteer to supervise their neighbors’ children in a safe space. The ASAP mission is to fund the training and resources for preschool education which will enable the children of South Africa to succeed in school and in life. 100% of donations go directly to the educational toys that are delivered to preschool hubs and utilized by the neighborhood preschools.

You can make each donation count:

$10 purchases one educational toy

$20 purchases two educational toys

$50 purchases five educational toys

$75 purchases a full Play and Learn kit which includes 7 toys and educational resources

 Do not be limited by these suggested amounts– any amount will go far in supplying the educational tools for the creche’s in South Africa. 







Caption:  Learning shapes with playing cards. (Photo credit: ASAP)

Please remember that if you are making a gift in honor of someone and need a Christmas card with acknowledgement and info about ASAP, let me know so I can get that to you or mail it out. I need all names for cards by Dec 15th to ensure USPS card delivery by Christmas Day. For delivery before Epiphany, get  your names to me by Dec 24th.

If you would like to donate, you can use Breeze and select “Alternative Gift” to designate the donation towards Old First’s collection for Adopt a South African Preschool (ASAP). You can leave a note there about your designation if a recipient should receive a card. 









Caption: Two more cups to go to complete this tower. This is an exercise that develops fine motor skills. (photo credit: ASAP)







Caption: 25 plastic crates filled with educational toys donated by ASAP to PEN. Additional resource kits include musical instruments, jump ropes and more. (photo credit: ASAP)