An Open Thank-you Letter from Lois

An Open Thank-you Letter from Lois

Dear Old First,

I write from the Wyncote Church Home where I live now. I’m so happy; I don’t know why I didn’t come here earlier. The residents and the staff are so friendly and nice. I am meeting people and enjoying myself already. I even overslept this morning and missed breakfast.

I want to thank the church for the help with my move. All those people coming out to my house and helping made such a difference. By myself, I couldn’t get through all my stuff, but with others around, we just kept working. If I got a little stubborn some times, I’m sorry. I liked having all your help, and our meals together at the diner!

I hope you will come visit me here. And I plan to be with you some Sundays.

Thanks again,

Lois A. Nigsch

(A note of thanks from the church: we had so many volunteers, we couldn’t use them all. But to those who helped and those who wanted to, you reminded us how church ought to be: Marjorie, Geneva, Rochelle, Woody, Steve, Jackson, Daniel, Mark W., Annemarie K., Carl Klein., Andrew H., Ed B., Jane, Miguel, Julio, Alice, Patrick, Julie, Marta, Darla, Andrew Mc., Ed D., Farley, Meg O., Jackie W., Michael)