An Opportunity for Angels… helping Farley and Stella

An Opportunity for Angels… helping Farley and Stella

You have heard us announce in prayers that Isaac Farley N. had a stroke. He’s home now and mending. He’s walking pretty well, but his hand is more of a struggle.

When Farley is out of work, he doesn’t get paid. Stella is working, so they can get by. But when I asked them if they needed help, Farley reminded me of prayers he had lifted up the week before his stoke. He and Stella are trying to bring three of their adult children over from Ghana. You might remember his prayer — his family reunification application was rejected because they hadn’t provided DNA evidence of paternity, even though the form said that was optional

Now Farley and Stella have to appeal the rejection of the family reunification petition. The lawyer they have engaged says it will cost as much as $7,000. While Farley is mending and not receiving any salary, as I explained, they can get by on her salary. But the cost of this appeal process is more than they can handle on one salary. I said I would ask and see if there are any “angels” who might like to contribute to their need.

If you have any questions, please ask me. If you are interested in contributing, please get your donation to the church office or in the collection plate. Note in the memo — gift for Farley. And thanks, our generosity will take away one area of stress in a difficult time.