An Update on the Creche’

An Update on the Creche’

We will only have the animals for 10 days this year, as the cost of renting them and increased dramatically (and the availability of animals for rent has decreased dramatically). But, we will have two sheep, two goats, a donkey. And the farmer is looking to see if he can find a miniature cow too.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of this ministry / outreach, please consider donating via this GoFundMe account. (If we raised enough money, perhaps we could add on days to their stay with us…)

At a Creche’ Ministry Team meeting last Sunday, we talked about how we should make the most of a shorter stay. We were thinking that perhaps we could come up with 3 evening events during the animals’ stay. The last would be, of course, Christmas Eve service when we do “Las Posadas” wherein Mary and Joseph lead the donkey (and a crowd) about looking for “room in the inn” and caroling to those they meet.

But we were also thinking of other after work “special events” — perhaps, an announced “petting zoo” time when people could visit with the animals, and another evening when we could have a fire pit and do smores for people who come to visit the animals. We also hope to have Creche’ Picture Day on Sunday, Dec. 18 after worship (and the Christmas pageant).

We also are going to build a second fence, so that visitors stay back from the animals when no one is present to oversee the interactions. It will be more of a reason to come at the special times when people will be let closer.

Finally, we are investigating to see if there is a way for us to have a camera at the creche that might display a live feed of the animals on our website.

Please pray for this ministry. It’s not bad for us to have to think about it differently — some new ideas come up in new situations. But we do want to continue this outreach of our church — it is our church helping people see in a very visible way of how much God loves the, even in their physical creatureliness …