Anniversary Sunday, 9.25

Anniversary Sunday, 9.25

Old First celebrates it’s anniversary each year on the 4th Sunday of September. This year the church will be 284 years old!

Usually, earlier in the month, we have a “Gathering Sunday” or “Rally Sunday,” when everything for the Fall gets started again. Looking at the fall schedule, that’s Sunday, 9.11 when we go back to worship at 11 o’clock. And have activities for youth and adults again at 10 o’clock. And bagels and coffee too.

But for a number of reasons, Sunday School is ramping up a bit slower. Michael will meet with the Confirmation Students and their parents on Sunday, Sept. 18. The other young people will have a Spirit Day. And full, grade-divided Sunday School will begin on the 25th.

So… we are hoping everyone will show up on the 11th. And the 18th. But Sunday, the 25th, will be a special day for us– as we all gather together to wish Old First Happy Birthday! And also our Gathering or Rally Sunday!

Our former pastor, the Rev. Dr. Geneva Butz, will be the guest preacher that morning– her first time back in the pulpit since leaving Old First. She will be preaching on Philippians 2:1-13; her sermon title is “Happy Anniversary.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Old First if we had an Easter experience– when everyone shows up on one day– in September? Please mark your calendars and plan to come and celebrate.