Announcements in Worship

Last Sunday, with communion and new members joining, we ran over, way over our usual 12:10 pm finish target. In staff meeting, discussing this, we remembered a commitment we’d made in 2013, and have fallen away from. Could we resurrect it and ask your help with it?

Old First is always a busy congregation; there’s so much going on that we can’t possibly keep on top of what everyone is up to. And our Sunday morning worship service is the only time during the week when the whole community gathers. So it’s natural that we like to use that time to inform one another of all the goings-on.

But we’ve also heard that lengthy announcements at the beginning of worship distracts from our spiritual focus.

So we’re going to again make an effort to shorten the time we spend on announcements during worship each week.

If you have an announcement to share in worship, please call, 215-922-4566, or email Teresa in the church office by Thursday morning. Thank you for your cooperation!

And rather than having a line of people with announcements (often that are already in the bulletin), or people standing up in the pews where others often cannot hear them well from, we are asking that you give Michael the announcement you wish made before worship. And understand if he has to shorten it or even skip it. He will try and impress upon folks that we’re not going to draw their attention to every bit of news, so if they don’t want to miss something, they’d better check the bulletin…

Thanks for your cooperation.