Annual Spring Meeting 2023- Pennsylvania Southeast Conference

Annual Spring Meeting 2023- Pennsylvania Southeast Conference

Annual Spring Meeting: May they all be one: Unleashing the Spirit

Friday, June 2 – Saturday, June 3rd

“May they all be one: Unleashing the Spirit”

West Chester University,  110 W Rosedale Ave,  West Chester, PA 19382

“With the future of the church being anything but status quo, we find ourselves in a wilderness experience struggling to navigate the harsh realities and uncertainties of what lies ahead. The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ invites you to enter into a time of oasis, where you can take in a deep breath, commune with the Spirit of Christ, find renewal, and know that you are not alone in the struggle. We invite you to open to the Spirit’s leading as we explore together the life-giving seeds of possibilities within the wilderness experience, and re-imagine what it means to be the Body of Christ in this place and time.

That reimagining includes building partnerships between local churches who share resources (including pastors), merge ministries, and connect with community partners. Representatives from congregations around our conference will share how this has been life giving for them and how they overcame longtime resistance to making it happen. Similarly, representatives of the Keystone Study Group will share their conversations about creating partnerships between and among our four PA Conference that may lead to a four Conference merger.”

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