Annual Meeting Organized for January 23

Annual Meeting Organized for January 23

The Board of Elders has set the meeting date for our Annual Meeting: Sunday, January 23, after worship. A simple lunch will be served and childcare provided.

Questions and comments about annual program reports will be received, and, it is expected, two items will come before the meeting for votes: elections and the 2011 budget.

The program will be a small group exercise: Evaluating Together How Our Spending Reflects Our Mission and Vision Statement (that was approved by the congregation on April 4, 2008).

Program Reports are expected to be available at Church by Sunday, January 16; action items– nominations and 2011 budget–  will be available at Church on Sunday, January 9. Both will also be able to be transmitted electronically.

All leaders who are submitting reports for the annual meeting, please have them into the church office no later than January 5.

The Congregational Meeting, held at least annually, is in our UCC form of church government the setting in which the church makes its most fundamental decisions. It is not where the members decide what they want to do, but where they are given the freedom to discern together what God means for them to do.

While one must be a member of Old First to vote at the Annual Meeting, visitors are welcome to attend and usually accorded the the privilege of “voice without vote.” Attending is a great way to learn more about the church.