Any Spare Tools | Service Camps

Any Spare Tools | Service Camps

The summer heat has arrived, and Philadelphia is gushing with crowds of tourists and urban service camp participants from across the country. Our Urban Service Camp is one of many ways we connect with youth and the wider church through community service. Philadelphia, like other major metropolitan cities, face similar systemic issues, such as Poverty, Hunger, Fair Housing, and much more. Our city is blessed to have hundreds of agencies and nonprofits seeking a solution to decrease the number of individuals and families harmed by difficult decisions like paying the electric bill or fixing their car. Our program highlights these difficulties through service, constructive dialogue with experienced advocates, and building relationships with participants. With all our participants, we hope they share their experience to advocate for those individuals they’ve encountered, and to inspire others to become aware and search for solution.

Thus far, we hosted a number of groups from Massachusetts to Tennessee. These groups have tackled yard projects, learned how to navigate Septa, and even dodged a few hiccups here and there. And despite whatever fears groups may have towards a city like Philadelphia, they leave here desiring to experience more and learn more about our city. Alesha and I are proud of the experience we’re able to provide for our groups, and we hope you’ll join us in creating an even more inclusive vision of service this summer.

Put your hands down! You’re not holding their hands, you’re next to them in yard pulling weeds or serving a meal at Chosen 300. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share your knowledge of Philadelphia. And if that too much, then please donate. We’re currently looking for any spare tools you don’t need or have extra of, such as hammers, saws, crowbars, shovels, etc.

Folks! Ministry is happening here this summer. Groups are expected at the end of July and in the month of August. We welcome all your prayers and donations. And please tell your relatives about our Urban Service Camp. You can easily join us, there’s no contract to sign…just email Alesha, Outreach Coordinator or find John.


John Owens

Program Assistant