Approaching End of Life: Just Try Talking About It (or Listening as Others Talk) This Sunday, 03.06.

Approaching End of Life: Just Try Talking About It (or Listening as Others Talk) This Sunday, 03.06.

This Sunday, March 6, after worship, we are going to begin an important conversation about aging and approaching the end of our lives and finally death… and all that often is associated with such topics, but which we don’t often talk about… or know how to talk about… or like talking about…

The 10 folks who have been planning the Approaching End of Life series have found that once we break the ice, and even more so once we develop some comfort with and ability to talk about the issues… everyone has experiences that involve death that they can share. And feelings. Fears. Thoughts. Hopes.

A lot of our planning for this series has become sharing. And the stories are not just poignant, but often bring smiles to faces around the circle. Oddly, talking about death can be very lively, and not always that sad.

We believe this is an important topic for the church. That in light of the teaching of our faith and with our trust in God, Christians should have a certain comfort facing the end of our mortal lives. And with the greater comfort, we will then be able to better prepare ourselves so that aging and illness, and in turn dying, might be easier for us and for those we leave behind.

Not convinced yet?

We’re developing this brown bag lunch series after worship on the first Sunday of every month. We’re asking people to make a commitment to the conversation (so we’re all moving forward with pretty much the same information), but we want people to give it a try… even if they aren’t sure.

Come to the first or first two sessions to see what it’s like. Bring a brown bag lunch, and hang around. We are scheduled to be done in less than 90 minutes. It’s mostly sharing, but you won’t be forced to say or do anything you don’t want to! And you might be surprised…

This coming Sunday, it’s the opening conversation — just to get us warmed up, dipping our toes into some frank conversation about aging, ending, dying.

And after church on the first Sunday of April, we’ll be thinking about what our theological tradition and our own beliefs tell us about it all.

Please join us! (you don’t need to sign up beforehand, but you can let us know if you want to become part of the conversation!)