Approaching the End of Life — Session 2 How Our Faith Helps

Approaching the End of Life — Session 2 How Our Faith Helps

This coming Sunday, April 3, after worship, we will have the second session in our Approaching the End of Life series.

If you are signed up, please bring your bag lunch and join us. If you haven’t yet signed up, but wish to come, bring your bag lunch join us. The same goes if you missed the last session. Or are just trying this out.

The assignment for this session (given out at the last session, but you still have time!) was: “bring” something from your spiritual tradition (however you define it) that you find helpful as you consider aging, nearing death and dying. You might have bring some object — a prayer card or a religious icon. Or it might be a verse you know by heart. A hymn you can hum anytime. Or a prayer. Or an idea or a vision that has some root in our tradition.

After going over the ground rules for making a conversation like this safe space, we will gather together by sharing what we have identified from the tradition helps us.

This session will then focus on how our religious tradition / our faith / God can help us with the endings of our lives (or not, if that’s your fear or experience!).

First Amy D., one of our members who is also a hospice chaplain, will share anecdotally some of what she has learned about working with patients at the end of their life and their families. The focus of her stories will be how and where faith functions to reassure and comfort. Then in smaller groups, people will talk about our end of life fears, and what, if anything, in our own faith might be drawn upon to help with those fears.

Second, Michael is going to share about helping people confront the reality of their dying, and three needs people really looking to get met at the end of their lives. And we will think together about how it is that our religious tradition means to help us with those needs.

Finally, we will finish with some attention to how we might wish our own funerals to be — from the serious to the silly. You might have a list of songs. Or an experience you want the people at your funeral to have. Or some lesson of faith you wish to leave us with. Or an idea of who is going to speak — and what you’d want them to say. Or what you want to happen with your body…

Please join us. As Harvey said at the first session: “Even thinking about this stuff freaks me out. But this was really kind of fun.”

If you have any questions, please speak with Michael.