For Those of US Walking on April 9's Hunger Walk (instructions)…

For Those of US Walking on April 9's Hunger Walk (instructions)…

The easiest way to gather on Saturday morning of the 9TH is to meet at Eakins Oval @ 8am. Eakins Oval is the park leading towards the Art Museum via the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I will arrive early to pick up registration material and then will be available to guide Old First participants and friends to join me in the park.
Team Old First welcomes all to participate with us in this endeavor to create awareness and to engage in conversations to discover solutions towards this systemic crisis across our​ nation.

​For those participating, but not walking are welcome to bring a folding chairs and cheer on Team Old First. There will be limited seating​ and tents available.

​Also know, this is a rain-or-shine event so please check the weather forecast on Friday evening. ​
The following below is VERY important for Saturday.
Important Need-to-knows:

  • My phone #: (901)-828-7330
  • Location: Eakins Oval @ 8am
  • When you reach the parkway or the oval, call me immediately to find our group
  • Walk begins @ 9am
  • Water will be provided by the Outreach Minister
  • Shoes: Wear comfortable walking/running shoes
  • If you have Old First clothing items, I’d ask that you wear that
  • Weather: There’s a possibility of rain, so please come prepared
  • There will be food and entertainment to follow the walk

If you’re unable to attend, that’s ok. We can use other support via collecting pledges to our online page or you could volunteer with our Saturday Morning Breakfast & Cupboard every Saturday from 7a to 11a in the social hall of Old First, UCC.

Thank you again for supporting Old First’s ministries towards​ men and women in need of meals and clothing. We cannot d​o this effort alone, and we’re so thankful for the generosity we’ve received from so many of you​

Best regards, John Owens