Are You Getting Your Postcards Signed?

What postcards?

The postcards that were in our bulletins last Sunday, the ones that Mike Wass and Sterling Schwiebert were passing out.

What postcards?

POWER is sponsoring a postcard campaign prior to June meetings at which we hope to turn out every City Councilman and Councilwoman.

Old First is working with Mother Bethel AME and Arch Street UMC to collect postcards for our Councilman Squilla. We want him to know a lot of us are watching.

Will he come to our Center City Cluster meeting on June 12?

Is he committing to blocking any action on the airport expansion project– the biggest public works project in our region promising 46,000 new jobs — until there is a Jobs Agreement in place?

City Council has to approve either a bond issue to fund a significant part of the project or any property purchase needed for the expansion. Now is the time to get a solid commitment– let’s make sure these new jobs come to the Philadelphians facing the most difficulties with unemployment and underemployment. And let’s make sure there’s job training to get people prepared and ready– to make them strong candidates that employers will feel lucky to hire…

Michael and Beth W. got 38 cards signed at the Philadelphia Association Meeting last Sunday before 7 p.m. That’s almost 10% of the 400 cards Old First is committed to collecting.

Share your postcards with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors. Who doesn’t want the people of this city working so that our city works?

(Don’t worry… everyone can sign. Not just city residents. Or people who live in this district. The post cards just say we’re members and friends and friends of friends of Old First who want Councilman Squilla working with us and POWER for the improvement of this city.

If you don’t have postcards, see Stirling, Mike W. or Beth W. We need everyone’s help!