Artist's Way Creative Cluster (not a new cereal!)

Artist's Way Creative Cluster (not a new cereal!)

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.”
— Julia Cameron

We will go on a 12 week journey using the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This is a workshop aimed at discovering and recovering our creative powers.

It is for those interested in practicing an art and/or anyone interested in the art of creative living. This is not a book group, it is participatory, with an expectation of writing 3 unedited pages each morning, and setting aside a block of time each week for a “date” with your inner artist.

Many people have found this a powerful tool in unblocking their way to greater creativity. We will rely on the structure of the book for our circle, you can share work if you’d like to, but the group is not for critique. It is a place to listen and grow, and all are welcome.

The book can be found used at low cost, and we can help if you need a copy. The group will begin later in January and meet weekly for 12 weeks at a time and place that works for the participants. For more info contact Janice Smith or Karen Brooks at church (or get their contact info. from the on’line directory in the members’ section of the website or from the church office).