Assistant Financial Secretary Report

Assistant Financial Secretary Report

Q1: What is your name?

Kris Forrest

Q2: What is your Ministry Area or Standing Leadership Group Name?

Assistant Financial Secretary

Q3: What was the most significant accomplishment or insight gained in your ministry area in 2015?

Fully utilizing Realm for capturing giving for Old First, rather than keeping track manually.

Q4: Where is your group or ministry area stuck? What is your group or ministry area pondering?

We need to better understand the financial reporting capabilities of Realm, both to gain insight into the giving, as well as to provide better information to the givers. Also how can we use Realm to streamline our internal processes.

Q5: Please list the goals of your group or ministry for 2016 with complete descriptions.

I defer to the Financial Secretary for 2016 goals.

Q6: What other comments do you have for the Annual Report