Behavioral Health & De-escalation Training – Postponed

Behavioral Health & De-escalation Training – Postponed

Dear Old First and Friends of Old First,

The Behavioral Health & De-escalation Training originally scheduled for June 4 has been postponed until later in the summer.

I’m truly looking forward to this amazing presentation and as soon as a new date emerges I will let you know.

The mental health seminar will focus on the behavioral and mental health of homeless men in women, as well as ways to de-escalate potentially threatening or violent situations.

I’m really looking forward to this seminar and training as LSCW Francine Riescher, will be hosting the seminar as well as the de-escalation training.

Francine’s area of expertise includes, but is not limited to anxiety, solution focused therapy, mood disorders, depression and addiction within groups, individuals and families.

If you’re interested in attending the seminar and de-escalation training please feel free to see me before or after church this Sunday or email me anytime at


Alesha, Outreach Coordinator