Beth’s Last Organ Sunday with Us

Beth’s Last Organ Sunday with Us

Dear Friends:

Even though I appreciate your interest in reading about a composer, or piece of music that I play for one of the services, this month I’ve decided to dedicate this article to all of you at Old First.

Many of you may know that Sunday, June 9 is my last Sunday playing at this lovely old church. During the last 2  1/2 years, I have felt fortunate to get to know many people in this congregation. This is truly a warm and loving group of people. You all care for each other, your church, and your community.

I’m very grateful for how welcoming and supportive you’ve been to me, and your appreciation for my musical contributions to your services. A special thanks to Holly and Michael for inviting me into this community. Holly has such a good heart, along with a warm and positive spirit. She’s also an excellent choir director who is always able to bring out the best in the singers. Michael also has a good, compassionate heart, and is such a gifted preacher from whom I can always find nuggets of wisdom. I’m pleased to know them and call them friends and colleagues.

Members of this congregation are so warm and welcoming to anyone who comes to Old First. From the moment someone walks in the door, to Sunday morning exchanges of peace, chats before or after the service, one immediately feels love, a great testament to this special place. I’m also very grateful to the choir and congregation for their support of my work as a substitute Choir Director/keyboardist for Holly during her absence. It’s not easy to adjust to someone less known, but I really appreciate the choir and congregation being so helpful every step of the way.

You all have a place in my heart. Though it isn’t easy to move on from Old First, I have an opportunity to do some substantial work at West Chester University as a Music Director/vocal coach in their opera program. As a result, I’ll be spending more time out that way.

Thank you all so much for being who you are and embracing me as part of this congregation. If you’re around on Sunday, June 9, I hope you’ll come hear the organ, and I’ll see you there!

With Love and Best wishes,  

Beth Manus