Blanket Sunday 2020

Blanket Sunday 2020

Part of our acknowledgement of the special caregivers in our life, is to participate in Blanket Sunday. Blanket Sunday is a partnership with Church World Service to help keep folks warm after emergencies. Blanket Sunday always coincides with Mother’s Day. This year will look a little different due to the social distancing but we will still be participating. 

We will make this an ongoing mission until the end of May. Each week we will send out reminder notices and information so that you know we are still collecting. If you would like to honor a special someone with a donation for Blanket Sunday, you can donate through the CWS website at OR you can donate to Old First through Breeze. We will have the option to send you a downloadable card you can mail to your recipient or we can mail the card to your recipient. You can always send a check to Old First with Blanket Sunday in the memo line. If you choose this option, please include a personal note with the name and address of your recipient for us to send a card acknowledging them. 



From CWS:

We can be our strongest, our kindest and our most Christ-like when we are connected. It makes the symbol of a CWS Blanket even more powerful: think of all the individual pieces of thread and wool being pulled together to cover someone with warmth! Without any one of those pieces – without you! – the story would not be the same. 

That’s what happened in Indianapolis last winter. The Midwest gets cold. You don’t have to live on the streets to know that, but for those who do, the deep dives below zero are deadly. 

Congregations like Central Christian Church (Indy CCC) in Indianapolis don’t want to see their neighbors suffer. So they’re doing something about it…and you’re helping them. Last winter, this meant the church provided heavy-duty CWS Blankets for families without homes. It also meant they opened their doors each night to give people a comfortable place to sleep, safe from icy temperatures. CWS Blankets made bedding, a warm shelter and hope for life possible. 

From you to CWS to groups like Indy CCC to strangers on the streets…we’re working together to weave a story of human love and compassion. It’s one where families are protected from the cold, comforted after a disaster and reminded that they’re not alone.