Blanket Sunday Honorees

Blanket Sunday Honorees

Individuals who donated to Blanket Sunday have the opportunity to honor someone special in their life. The following individuals were recognized through donations to Blanket Sunday. 


Julie S. honored:

Ellie, Amy, and Susie S. ; Rochelle H. ; and Sara Z. 

Bob and Joanna R. honored:

Phoebe, who is expecting a child

Nancy D. honored:

Daughter-in-law Christine, and Daughter-in-law Jessica

Delilah M. honored:

Children without parents

Yiwola and Iyabo honored:

Ed and Peggy G. ; all their grandchildren ; all their in-laws in the family ; and their Godmothers

Anonymous donations in honor of:

Kris F., who has continued the Blanket Sunday program

Holly P. for the beautiful music and your work

Old First staff and all who are putting in work 


Bob and Joanna R. in memory of:

Louis, Joanna’s mother and  Mary Margaret, Bob’s mother

Kim R. and Laura S. in memory of:

Nancy S., a dear friend who died 3/6/2020

Yiwola and Iyabo in memory of:

Onaade I.


Numerous unnamed gifts were received also.

CWS and Old First thank you for your generosity in this special giving campaign!