Bob Robinson to Offer a Lenten Bible Study During Adult Forum

Bob Robinson to Offer a Lenten Bible Study During Adult Forum

Bob Robinson’s Advent Bible Study is a favorite at Old First, with some of the largest crowds that the Adult Forum sees all years.

This year, we are very excited and thankful to announce, he will offer a Bible Study class during Adult Forum — 10 a.m. in the Social Hall — for the Sundays of Lent, beginning Feb. 22 through March 22. He hasn’t decided exactly how he’ll tackle the texts, but he will probably deal with the Hebrew Scripture readings offered by the lectionary for each Sunday.

For those who don’t know Bob or his Bible Studies, he is the Anna Burkhalter Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Lutheran Seminary here in Philadelphia. He is also a member at Old First.

Bob has his BA from Ursinus and his MDiv and PhD from Yale University. His academic interest lies in the theory and practice of interpretation and particularly in the application of current literary techniques to the interpretation of the Bible. Behind that interest is a desire to see the Bible read with understanding and confidence by all Christians. Approaching the Bible as a consummately profound literary work allows the sort of disciplined observation and probing discussion that leads to deeper understanding of the Word of God for our lives.

He has written a commentary on the Book of Genesis. The commentary uses such familiar literary terms as character, plot, theme and allusion to knit together a holistic picture of the book. At the same time he is attempting to return to the history of interpretation of Genesis to learn from earlier readers, many of them sublimely brilliant, what they saw as most important in each passage and how that message spoke to the life of their community of faith.

Dr. Robinson and another Lutheran Seminary faculty colleague, Dr. Erik Heen, reflected on the Bible and public theology in the Summer 2008 issue of the seminary magazine PS. To give you some sense of Bob as a teacher and Bible Study leader, check out this series of video clips .

Join Bob and other Old Firsters on the Sundays of Lent to spend a little more time with the sacred texts.