Boiler News — the waiting is behind us; completion up ahead

Boiler News — the waiting is behind us; completion up ahead

Even though we are still without heat this weekend (so if it’s cool on Sunday morning, wear a sweater to church — but remember: for millenia, Christians worshiped all winter in unheated Sanctuaries — we can make it one week!). But surprising progress has been made. 

As you may know, we are in the process of replacing the old, corroded and inefficient boiler with a new, high efficiency boiler in the crypt, under the church. There have been a couple of delays in the installation process.

Before the old boiler could be removed, it had to be tested for asbestos, which was commonly used to insulate machinery when the boiler was built.  Sure enough, asbestos was discovered in several sections within the old, cast iron boiler.  Because of the asbestos, we had to hire a company to take the boiler apart and safely dispose of the asbestos, then have a second company come out to test the air quality and make sure that no residual asbestos was contaminating the building.

Prior to the asbestos remediation, the city had to be contacted, five days before work could begin.  What might have taken 3 days has stretched to 3 weeks.

But, we’ve gotten past all those trials. The old boiler is out now, the air quality is excellent, and the new boiler has been installed.  It’s just a fraction of the size of the old one.  

Due to the changing seasons, the contractor we are working with has been over scheduled with the usual changeovers from air conditioning to heating, not to mention a few emergencies that have cropped up as the temperatures have fallen.

We are now waiting for a crew to come and install the pipes that will connect the new boiler to the rest of our system.  They expect to be done by next weekend.  Thanks be to God!