Bozulich + Anahita Perform at OF on Thurs., 9.22 @ 8 p.m.

Bozulich + Anahita Perform at OF on Thurs., 9.22 @ 8 p.m.

The Fringe Festival is winding down, but the stage isn’t yet dark at Old First!

Please join us for an evening of avante-garde music with:

Carla Bozulich + Anahita
Thursday, Sept. 22nd
8pm in the Sanctuary

“‘Carla Bozulich sings like a person possessed.’ Well, yeah, but that’s like calling Ulysses an ambitious novel. Bozulich on stage resembles little of the archetypal rock front-person: she’s barely five foot nothing, first of all, and is devoid of any sweeping, Dionysian body gestures. All of her movements are inward, contained; she clutches her microphone close to her body, eyes closed, withdrawn. It can best described as falling between Patti Smith and some Hawthornian preacher. Like Smith, she’s more poet than songwriter; but the sheer force of her writing and of what she’s delivering feels like a body blow.” (Coke Machine Glow)

“Anahita is a beautiful, laboriously created and floating affair of skeletal organ drones, ceremonial singing and subtly frantic instrumental accompaniment conjuring up a natural woodland romp and stomp.” (Important Records)

Come support women in the avant-garde performance arts and the arts at Old First!

— Griffin Drutchas