Brief Lenten Worship on Thursday Evenings, starting Mar. 13)

Brief Lenten Worship on Thursday Evenings, starting Mar. 13)

The brief Lenten services on the upcoming Thursday nights will be:

March 13: Not thinking too much or too little of yourself.

March 20: Forgiving Oneself

March 27: Forgiving Others… or refusing to judge them.

April 2: Losing Oneself In Service

April 7: Finding Oneself in Love

We are going to try a new, meditative service this year for Lent. It will be brief on Thursday evenings, from 7 p.m. The service will only last about 25 minutes.

It will begin with Louis providing some meditative music.

Then we will have a reading or two from Scripture.

There will be a congregational hymn.

Next there will be some significant time in prayer, perhaps structured more than our prayers at Old First sometimes are. For example, we could pray our thanksgiving; for others and the world; our for ourselves and our own needs.

We will end each service with a Lenten reading — from poetry or literature, not necessarily explicitly sacred works, but something to leave us thinking for the next week.

The Lenten worship is open to all — regulars and guests who might be worshiping at Old First for the very first time. And though it will be congregational worship, it will have more of a meditative, quiet feel than worship sometimes does at our church. Please make the commitment to join us, and invite a friend. It might add just the right spiritual touch to your Lenten journey.