Budget Hearing, after worship on Jan. 19

Budget Hearing, after worship on  Jan. 19

Last year, someone said to Michael after the Annual Meeting, “I had some questions about the budget, both the assumptions we base it on and the commitments we make in it. But I didn’t ask, because by the time it comes to the floor of the Annual Meeting, it seems it’s too late, or at least that’s not a very good venue for understanding detailed material.”

It was a helpful insight to have shared. And Michael passed it on to both the Elders and the Admin. SLG. In response, they are planning a Budget Hearing this year.

The news on the 2014 budget is good– with significantly increased pledged income and no major cuts in expenses needed to balance. (Of course, if we had more resources, there is always more that we could do!)

But if you want to understand it more… if you have any questions, please stay after worship on January 19, when Jonathon Vogan, the Admin. Standing Leader, will lead the discussion and answer questions.

And we will be that more ready for voting on the budget at the Annual Meeting…