"Cabbage" Movie Night, Sat., 5 – 10 pm

"Cabbage" Movie Night, Sat., 5 – 10 pm

If you don’t have plans for Saturday, join us at Old First for Cabbage Movie Night!

“Cabbage Night” is an older name given to the nights of Oct. 30 and 31 when youth would play pranks and do mischief in their neighborhoods.  The tradition is around Halloween, kids and even adults would go out and smash cabbages on the doors of neighbors in rural regions. Now, the tradition has evolved into something involving toilet paper.

So instead of partying this Saturday with wild pranks, you could enjoy films with our projector screen and comforting treats in our social hall. We understand this is a last minute event, but we thought it would be nice to offer an alternative for members and friends who are no longer into the “wild parties”. Old First will provided a few items like drinks, popcorn, pretzels, and CANDY! If you’d like to bring your favorite dish to share, please feel free to do so. To date movie titles for the evening are:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird

  2. Hocus Pocus

  3. Hotel Transylvania

  4. The Thing

  5. (And recently added) The Lego Movie

We’d like to start the evening at 5 PM and end at 10 PM. We know some of you may have plans already, but please stop by when you can and invite your friends!  And we encourage you to come in costume!

For those with young children, please know that the nursery will be open til 9:30 PM.

If you have any questions regarding the evening, please email or call JohnPeter (programassistant@oldfirstucc.org) / 215.922.4566.