Calendar and Schedules

Calendar and Schedules


In order to help keep track of all the virtual meetings happening these days, the church office has put a simple calendar together. We know that some companionship groups are still trying to pick times to meet each week. Hopefully, having the current meetings listed below will help let you all know what time slots are already taken. (For those who don’t know, Zoom will not allow more than one meeting to occur at a time).

If you still need to set up a companionship group meeting time, or any other meeting through the church’s Zoom account, please contact the church office by phone or email ( ).



1st Mon of each month, 7-9pm, Admin SLG

2nd Mon of each month, 7-9pm, Elders


Every week, 11am, Bible Story time with the kids

Every week, 3pm, Companion Group

Every week, 7pm, Companion Group

Every week, 8:30pm, Companion Group

[[1st Tues of each month, 6-8pm, Outreach (on another account)]]


Every week, 10-noon, staff meeting

Every week, Bible Study, 1-2:30pm

Every week, 7pm, weekly prayer group

Every week, 8:30pm, Companion Group 


Every week, 12pm(noon), Companion Group

Every week, 3pm, Companion Group

Every week, 5pm, Companion Group

Every week, 7pm, Companion group


Every week, 10am, Companion Group

4th Fri of the month, 12:30p-2pm, Congregational Life SLG


Every week, 4pm, Companion Group, (WB)


Every week, 10:30a-1pm, Sunday Worship