Call To Be Part of "Sacred Conservation on Race" Planning Team

Call To Be Part of "Sacred Conservation on Race" Planning Team

Resources provided by the United of Church of Christ advise that a “Sacred Conversation on Race” is not a one-time event, but rather a process and a journey.

Growing from discussions in Adult Forum, particularly our last conversations around “Traces of the Trade,” we are putting out a call to people interested in planning such a journey for Old First.

This is a call to ministry as much as it is a call to a committee because racism afflicts our social world and our souls. It is a ministry because considering deeply how institutional and personal racism impacts our communities, our church, and our lives requires the same sensitivity and commitment that we bring to our worship and other parts of our faith.

Recognizing what we need to heal, to do justice, to change and to support each other in making those changes is a ministry that, if we do it right, will be accompanied by both joys and sacrifices – and that we must evoke God’s wisdom and presence for.

For that reason, we are hoping that the Spirit will lead the planning team on what a Sacred Conservation could look like at Old First and how they prepare for it. So for now, we are simply asking you to speak up if you feel pulled in this direction: if you have a passion for racial justice and anti-racism work, and are prepared to bringing yourself fully to a process of learning and growing with others as you plan Old First’s journey.

If you’re interested in serving on the planning team, email Michael or call the church office.