Calling All Elders (and everyone else) for Elders’ Ordination

Calling All Elders (and everyone else) for Elders’ Ordination

Alexa, Meg B. and Tony M. will be ordained as Elders in the worship service  — as the Affirmation of Faith — on March 10.

The laying on of hands is an ancient ritual going back to Old Testament times. It involves investing individuals with the authority and power of a specific role.

As Old First practices Elders’ Ordination, anyone who has ever been ordained an Elder, whether or not they are currently serving on our Board of Elders, will be invited forward for the laying on of hands.

Please join us that Sunday as we recognize and support these three leaders and their new role among us.

The Board of Elders is invested with fiduciary and spiritual responsibility for the on-going governance of the church between meetings of the membership. (All acts and deliberations of the Board are subject to the will of and revision by the governing body, namely the congregation itself).

The Board is responsible for our overarching church policies and their application, reviewing our organizational structure, and advancing both accountability and a results-orientation. The Elders are also asked to shepherd the church’s ongoing vision, as well as hold all fiduciary responsibilities and step in for any urgent decision-making.

Come and participate either physically or prayerfully, and in the process, you might just learn something more about what the Elders do for our congregation.