Preparing for an Old First Anniversary, Sat. Sept. 23, 10 am-noon

Preparing for an Old First Anniversary, Sat. Sept. 23, 10 am-noon

When: Saturday September 23, 2017  10:00 a.m. to noon

Where: Sanctuary Building Old First Reformed Love First UCC

How: Join in the many different tasks involved in getting ready for an Anniversary celebration.

The Saints who came before us did it and, God willing, those who follow will too.  That is-Taking time as a community to celebrate our time together…to look back on where we have been, assess where we are and discern where we are called to go.  As a congregation with a history filled with a wandering spirit… one never knows.  But at least this year, our celebration will be at 4th and Race and we have much to give thanks for as a community of faith for this past year and the past 290 years.

Every celebration, however, involves some preparation and if you have not had a chance to help prepare, you are in luck.  Why? Because on Saturday, between 10 am and 12 noon, we are going to have a community preparation event to prepare for the celebration that starts on Sunday.  People of all ability levels and interests are asked to come and share in the preparation…yes that does mean doing some kind of community based and/or physical space based activity.  Wear what is comfortable, bring a friend if you want.  But please come!  Sharing in the preparation makes the celebration even more fun.

Here is what we promise…everyone’s help is needed and it will be fun.

Please confirm your are coming by clicking here.

Please send an email or text to Beth to confirm you are coming and if you have an activity preference, let her know.

Beth Walker