Can We Manage the Good Shepherd Meal?

Can We Manage the Good Shepherd Meal?

Proposed for Saturday October 20, the Good Shepherd Meal proceeds would support a few single women with children this Christmas. It is a good idea because it targets an under-served population and it complements Old First’s Winter Homeless Shelter and Saturday Morning Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard, which primarily serve men.

In order for the Good Shepherd Meal to take place, we need volunteers who are committed to make it happen: volunteers to prepare the meal, to sell tickets, to set up and clean up, etc. None of these volunteers exist yet, so we need one or more volunteers to recruit and coordinate them.

Because only a very few people have expressed their interest in participating in the Good Shepherd Meal, this may become an idea that we choose not to do. The decision will be made at the next Outreach SLG meeting, September 19 at 6 PM (notice the new time we are trying).

If you are interested in volunteering to make the Good Shepherd Meal happen, please express your interest to me, Alesha, or the church office before September 19.

Many thanks for all the good works that many of you are already doing!


Clark Dingman, Leader

Outreach SLG