Can You Make Sure Everyone Feels Invited?

Can You Make Sure Everyone Feels Invited?

Anniversary Sunday, Sept. 24 @ 11 am

Share an invite; bring a dish; see everyone in worship.

(Double your portion, and we’ve got Sunday Supper made by the whole church…)

Remember the first Star Wars movie? … When Princess Leia’s home planet Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. And Master Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard the Millennium Falcon felt what had happened from a great distance when he sensed “the disturbance in the Force.”

Now I am no Obi-Wan, but I am hoping you all can help me feel the Force suddenly strengthen and expand!

Remember in church last Sunday: I asked everyone to think about who you haven’t seen in church online or on site for awhile. This Sunday, Sept. 24, is our 296th Anniversary Sunday.

I…and WE…could benefit from a forceful burst of positive energy as we all take the time to reach out to the very edges of our community to make sure everyone feels invited.

A call.

A text.

An e-mail.

A knock on their door.

Any effort will make a difference. Even if they don’t come, I promise, your time and energy will not be wasted!

And really, Anniversary Sunday serves as Old First’s Gathering Sunday anyway. And after the pandemic and all we have been through, we could use some gathering. Also, we haven’t yet figured out how to include folks online in a potluck…

We’ll be dedicating the new glass doors.

Blossom G. and Ron Rising, who is joining the church on Sunday, will be taking portrait photos of individuals, couples and families after worship. (With permission, we will also add them to your Breeze listing.)

I will be making “I  (your name) Follow Jesus By Caring for Others” footprints for the kids who missed the first week of Sunday School and any adults brave enough to let me paint and wash their feet.

And we are having the first potluck of this program year. The Community Life SLG has asked we bring a dish to share according to your last name:

A to K — salad/side dish;

L to S — main entrée;

T to Z — dessert.

Don’t forget a serving utensil!

Don’t forget to label your dish!

It looks to be rainy, so we will be inside most likely, but with all the doors open for good air circulation.

The Community Life SLG has asked you to bring food, but I have just had an idea! Prepare a double portion of your dish!

We have restarted the Sunday Suppers after our summer hiatus. And it’s sort of slow getting other congregations who make dinners to get organized. We have another week we need to fill with a good meal.

If everyone just prepared a double portion, we’d have round 2 of the potluck for the Sunday Supper. Not exactly a feeding of the 15,000, but a feeding of the 30 counts for something too. And it would be a meal the whole congregation prepared…

Ask if you have any questions. And thanks for making sure everyone hears from church this week. And that our guests have a good home-cooked meal in the evening. It will be great to see everyone (and taste your food).

See you in church,