Capital Campaign Theme Announced

Capital Campaign Theme Announced

The Capital Campaign Executive Committee is pleased to announce the theme for our campaign:

Extending Our Welcome, Strengthening Our Service – The Campaign for Old First

In arriving at this theme, the committee was focused on finding a succinct expression of the major goals of the campaign:

Goals 1  deals with issues of the church’s fiscal, physical, and technology infrastructure – retiring outstanding debt, addressing deferred maintenance of the property, upgrading the church’s use of technology, and making more inviting the church’s entrance and sanctuary.

Goal 2 addresses the need for a feasibility study of ways in which the church’s outreach programs can be better structured and supported.

In these two goals, the committee discerned two major emphases. The first emphasis is making Old First more inviting for members, potential members, and those interested in using our space for performances, concerts, etc. – that is, an emphasis on “welcome”.

The second emphasis is finding ways to nurture the Old First tradition of promoting outreach – that is, an emphasis on “service”.

From these emphases on welcome and service, we derived our theme.
Soon a logo will be developed to accompany this theme, and the campaign will become increasingly “visible” as we prepare materials that will describe in more detail the goals of the campaign and specific ways in which both members and non-members can participate.

Through this campaign, we are investing in our future in ways that will bolster the revitalization efforts of recent years. This is an exciting time for Old First.