Capital Campaign Update: What’s the Parcel Committee Up To?

At last year’s Annual meeting, our congregation made a strategic decision about the work to be undertaken for the Capital Campaign. We decided to focus our initial efforts and resources on the Sanctuary building as it’s our greatest historical and program asset. Acknowledging that the Fox and CE Buildings also need substantial investment, are expensive to maintain and may not always provide the church with as much “bang for our buck” as mission and program spaces, we decided to investigate whether or not there could be alternative development possibilities for the strip of our property that runs along 4th Street.

The Parcel Committee has been working over the past few months to explore what options we, as a congregation, have for the 4th Street parcel that includes the Fox building, CE building, and the two adjoining parking lots.

We have met with real estate experts to ascertain the potential value of the property. We are now investigating means for confirming our findings with “a second opinion.”

We are also beginning conversations with and the setting up meetings with area social service organizations to discuss what development possibilities there could be for us in a partnership.

We have asked the Elders to investigate, how the church might use the space of the Sanctuary building and the surrounding property to greatest effect if the 4th Street parcel were used differently. A subcommittee from the Elders will be meeting with the architects from KSK to discuss possibilities.

The work is ongoing, complicated and delicate, and has required, and will continue to require, many lengthy meetings, but we continue to endeavor with your blessing and support to come up with the best plan for moving our ministry forward.

Jonathan A. for the Parcel Committee.