Capital Campaign Year-End Update

Capital Campaign Year-End Update

Since November 16, when we announced our pledges for the Campaign of Old First, another $10,000 in pledges have been received putting us at about $570,000. We’re all a bit surprised that even though the campaign does not start until January 1, 2015, the church has already received over $68,000. There is much optimism that we will continue to receive pledges putting us over $600,000.

Even though we celebrated our pledges of $559,870 on Celebration Sunday, pledges can still be made and/or pledges can be expanded. One person has already increased a pledge by over 10%. Do remember: pledges can be adjusted as necessary to support your goals.

As you firm up your year-end financial situation, do consider making a pledge or updating your pledge for our Campaign. (Let me also remind you of our Stewardship and Budget process, and that your 2015 Stewardship Pledge can also be made at this time.)

Making pledges to support Old First is very simple, and about half of our pledges are coming in now online. Follow the simple online instructions in Realm. If you want though, you can contact the church office for a pledge card, or you’re welcome to talk to me.

As has been announced, we will be working with Paul Vernon, Managing Principal, of KSK Architects Planners Historians Inc. as we embark on updates/changes to our buildings. Discussions have already begun, and the study with recommendations should be completed by June 2015.

This is an exciting time at Old First, as we move forward to Extend our Welcome and Strengthen our Service. Working together we can make it happen!

Mike Wass, Capital Campaign Chair